travel to study art & architecture in india, sri-lanka, bhutan and nepal

be a traveller, not a tourist

We aspire to develop a pool of informed professionals who are abreast with the core issues facing the nation. With this aim in mind, we take along young professionals on travels across the country to help understand such problems early in their careers, to entrench the gravity of those issues in their minds, and direct their energies towards solving them. In addition, we hope to identify one problem during each travel and use a hands-on approach to solve the problem on site.

Our Team

Architects by Education, Entrepreneurs by Profession, Travellers by Passion

Ashutosh Jha

Gourav Goyal

Kishlay Kishore

Mayank Singhal

Prerna Kapoor

Aashita Amin


Ar. Karan Grover
USGBC Platinum Award Winner for greenest building in the world

Ar. Richard Belho
Bamboo Architect,
Zynorique Initiatives, Nagaland

Didi Contractor
Sustainable and Vernacular Architecture

Dr. Ila Gupta
Former Head of Department,
IIT Roorkee

Ar. Lim Laurent
Royal Architect,

Smriti Saraswat
Assistant Professor,
IIT Roorkee