Sri Lankan Road Trip

11 days | 40 participants | Sri Lanka | Art | Architecture | Tropical Modernism
Workshops | Lectures | Village Walks | Local Interactions | Ceylon Life

22nd Feb - 3rd Mar 2020


First-hand experience of Art & Architectural practices in Sri Lanka

Cultural Activities

Explore cultural, historical & traditional values of Sri Lanka 


Local interactions to lectures from the best in Arts & Architecture


Journey will be jam packed with hour long discussions and debates 

Purvai 2020

We are all set to discover Sri Lanka, this February, through the eyes of its most loved architect, Geoffrey Bawa. The plan is to wander around the country to immerse ourselves in Bawa’s work, taking in both the legendary Sri Lankan and Dutch Colonial architecture that is evident in Bawa’s signature ‘tropical modernism’ style!

We’ll also explore Sri Lanka’s culture, tradition and rich heritage, including the ancient Sigiriya rock fortress. Since much of Bawa’s work beautifies the southern coast of Sri Lanka, we plan to have most of our intense design discussions by the palm beaches.

Come, let's travel together!


Workshops, Design Walks & Lectures


Tropical Modernism

- Study & analyse the design movement
- Understand importance in local context  
- Discussion on current practices  


Coming together of Art & Design

- Understand the significance & influence of Art in Architecture with Laki Senanayake
- Learn Craftsmanship and Innovation  


Colonial Dutch Architecture

- Scout Galle coast and sketch
- Learn the deep history of Dutch Ceylon
- Adaptive Re-use of spaces

Kaarwan in Sri Lanka with students of VESCOA

Just a teaser. Lot more in the itinerary apart from this!


Person having keen interest in Art, Architecture, Design & Photography.
Age between 18-32 years. We will consider the candidate's approach and thinking based on his application form for selection.


Trip will start from Chennai on 22nd Feb 2020 and will end at Chennai on 3rd Mar 2020.

Testimonies from participants. Words that keep us going.

“As Norman Foster said, "Architecture is the expression of values", this journey brought me closer to them, and I thank my friends and organizers- Ashutosh, Gourav, Kishley and Mayank, for organising this journey to bring us closer to our soul.”

“This is one of those experiences, after which your life will be defined as... "Before Purvai & after Purvai"

Go get inspired, and I promise you, your life will change.

Mine did.”

“As the sun came up in a brilliant blaze of orange, I reflected on just how large the world was, and perhaps how I had finally seen a part of the world that felt like it was right on the edge, where past the horizon you could almost fall right off.”

“Purvai'17 has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. As an 18year old to be able to travel and be exposed to so many new experiences and gain a new learning from every experience has made my mind open up to new possibilities. I'd never trade that experience for anything.”

“When you are pulled out of your comfort zone, and placed in the middle of a forest, under skies that have been pouring for three days, with a body kissed by the entire insect family, and you look around to see 22 other strangers fighting the same battle. Despite arduous hours of bamboo working and tiring treks up and down the valley, a reassuring tel maalish by one, beside cosy fires lit by the other is all you need to wrap a day. That's when strangers became family. What started with five round tables ended with one long dining spread. In all of my travels, I've never felt this and I can happily say, it's the people and not the place!”

“The trip to North east with Kaarwan was one epic journey. Picture breath taking landscapes in the background with amazing people in the foreground and that pretty much sums up the experience. I highly recommend this to everyone who loves to learn and explore”

“22-09 2k18, Lahaul n Spiti 22 people, 10 days, we went alone but returned as family. Thankyou Kaarwan for this wholesome experience, being a part of the place and the company we were in! ❤”

“Kaarwan'17 was a journey with self...yet being a part of a larger group, whom I met for the first time...shy smiles on first day turned into hugging and dancing together in a matter of no time! 15 days spent in search of something within that conclude with you realising that your craving only increases for the quest and that it will always be an continuous process that is never meant to end.”

“This year's North-East trip was amazing. Have learned a lot and taken a lot of memories back with me. Thank you Kaarwan. Hoping to join you guys soon!!!”

Countdown to this life-changing journey


22nd Feb 2020 - 3rd Mar 2020