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I read. I travel. I become.

Places & People

You grow through the places you see & people you meet.


Learn to look at life from multiple perspectives.


Meet friends of similar interests. Share ideas, collaborate.

Self Discovery

Find your dream, listen to stories. Write your own.

Travel Recipes

Though all of Kaarwan journeys revolve around making students aware of the problems current day India faces and their solutions, we have various means of doing this. Students are inspired towards being the change India needs.


Architecture, Design & Engineering

Learn from the masters themselves. Practise and do it yourself. Become the one to find problems & solve them.


Art & Culture

Taste of art, curiosity for history and exploring the culture helps you transforming yourself. 


Mass Media & Photography

Exposure from Film Studios and experts that helps you to understand film-making craft.


Innovation & Leadership

learn about various life skills through creative activities, team-building sessions, elementary adventure and nature awareness.