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We are living in uncertain times and as citizens of a developing economy, we are posed with an additional challenge of using our resources sparingly so as to ensure minimum impact on our economy.

A vaccine or a permanent solution to the situation may take years to develop. To aid government’s effort, the Architecture fraternity must come up with cost-effective solutions for quarantine facilities that are in compliance with social distancing norms.


In Photo: GOI's call to the nation for ideas.

Design Brief

In this competition, we ask you to come up with visionary concepts for an isolation ward in a quarantine facility, to help subdue the effects of the outbreak on existing infrastructure. To slow down the spread of virus, we need to carry out contact tracing and widespread testing. The lockdown issued by the government while beneficial has resulted in migration and detention of people. Hence, we need facilities with individual isolation cells to monitor suspected victims who might have been exposed to the virus.

Students must provide wards of individual isolation cells. 5-10 cells may be grouped together to form modules or kept separate according to design. Each isolation cell must not exceed 4-8 sqm and must contain a bed, table and chair.

Students must provide a circulation plan with zonings, to indicate the placement of all the areas provided in the flowchart below :


Click here to download the detailed description of all the above areas.

The proposed design must be differently-abled friendly and should be proposed on a hypothetical site of more than 750 sqm. The quarantine facility having a capacity of 40 beds (for patients/suspected victims) could be proposed on one of the following spaces:

- Airport/ Railway/ Port terminals and Parking Areas
- Open ground on city outskirts
- Stadium 
- Open areas near an existing medical facility

The proposed design can be a multi-purpose facility with the flexibility of being adaptively re-used post COVID-19. Following are some of the ways in which it could be reused:

- Additional treatment ward in hospitals  
- Shelter for homeless or displaced persons 
- Refugee Camps in Disaster Relief


- Concept and design process
- Layout Plan & Circulation Drawings of the facility
- Detailed drawings of one isolation cell, materials and its construction details
- Approximation of the total cost of one quarantine cell
- Schematic section through isolation ward
- Description of measures taken to avoid cross-contamination

Judging Criterion

- Future Reuse Possibility
- Circulation, Ventilation and Layout of the facility
- Site selection & details according to site/ user-behaviour
- Choice of Material and its exploration
- Concept & social impact of architecture on behaviour
- Creativity in form & shape
- Cost-effectiveness, Maintenance and Construction Time 


- Under-graduate students of Architecture & Design Colleges
- The team must comprise of 2-4 students. Students are encouraged to form teams of at least two different years. (eg. 1st and 4th year, 2nd and 5th years etc)

Registration Fee

- Free for students of Education Partner colleges. You just need to fill this form.  
- INR 100 per team for participants from other colleges
- All proceeds from Registration fees will be donated to COVID-19 relief fund

The design solution must be presented 2 to 4 A3 sheets or 6 to 8 A4 sheets. The sheets may be hand-drawn or produced with the help of software. Do not mention individual or college name anywhere on the sheets. You will be issued unique Team IDs post registration for identification.

Please mention "Kaarwan National Design Competition 2020" on each sheet along with your Team ID.

Last date for Registrations: 31st May 2020
Last date for Design Submissions: 10th June 2020

Prize Money
First Prize: INR 8000 | Second Prize: INR 4000  | Third Prize: INR 2000
Special Mentions upto 5: INR 1000
Participating certificate for all participants

- Top 3 entries will be published in IA&B's Magazine & IIA's Journal.
- Winning entries will also be published online by our Media Partners:
Design Detail, Architecture Live, Designworx, Zingyhomes
- Winning entries will be sent as proposals for implementation.

Last date for Registrations : 31st May 2020

We will be sharing Design Tips & Tricks as well as discussions with our Jurors to help participants attempt the Design in an effective manner. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to keep yourself updated and to attend the free sessions.

Design Jury

Ar. Divya Kush

President, Indian Institute of Architects

Ar. Mala Mohan

Retd. ADG in MES
Ministry of Defense

Dr. (Ar) Mahua Mukherjee

Head, CoEDMM
Professor, IIT Roorkee

Ar. Ashutosh Jha

Co-Founder, Kaarwan

Faculty Co-ordinators

Ar. Vikram Kohli

Assistant Professor, School of Planning and Architecture Bhopal

Ar. Sayali Andhare

Assistant Professor, Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture, Pune

Dr. (Ar) Anil Dewan

Professor of Architecture, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

Ar. Nimret Mangat

Assistant Professor, Lovely Professional University Punjab

Ar. Vaibhav Kulshrestha

Assistant Professor, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University

Ar. Raja Singh

Research Associate, School of Planning
and Architecture, Delhi


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