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Please feel free to contact us in case of any other queries.

  1. WHAT IS PURVAI? - PURVAI is a journey of change, committed to discover what India wants from us. It will flow with 50 highly motivated youths, selected through a rigorous application process, to explore and inspire the Winds of Change "PURVAI". Far from the reach of Google, is a world which seeks attention. During the journey, participants will discover a world hidden from its own citizens, a world which is ridden with problems and a world which has solution to those problems.
  2. WHO CAN APPLY? - Person having keen interest in Architecture and having age between 18-30 years. Candidates commitment and approach to solve world's pressing problem will be a key consideration.
  3. DO I NEED TO BE AN ARCHITECTURE STUDENT TO APPLY FOR PURVAI? - Not necessarily, you can be the one if you are committed to solve world's pressing problem
    - Click here to Apply Online.
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  5. I AM SELECTED WHAT SHOULD I DO? - If you are selected you will receive all the details via Email. If you have not received a mail Contact us - or
  6. WHAT IS INCLUDED AS A PART OF TRIP FEES? - Expenses incurred during Day 1-15 in Transport, Accommodation, Food, Workshop, Immigration & Entry at Monuments will be covered as a part of trip fee.
  7. WHERE WILL I STAY DURING THE TRIP? - 25% of the nights in the trip will be in transit in a bus or a train. There will be no travelling on two consecutive nights. Rest 75% of the nights will be stationed at some village within the heritage vernacular homes.
  8. I AM A GIRL/WOMEN. HOW SAFE WILL THE TRIP BE FOR ME? - Participant’s safety on trip is our prime concern. Other than participants, we have women volunteers on the trip as well.