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ArchiCultural Nepal Journey

15 days | 60 students | 2 countries | 16 villages | 2 workshops | 3 Lectures | Sustainable Living

24th Feb - 10th Mar 2018


Hands-on workshop in the villages of Nepal and Bihar, India.

Cultural Activities

Explore unique cultural, Traditional values of Nepal and India 


It is always good to learn from the masters themselves.


Journey will be jam packed with hours long dissusions and debates 

Purvai' 18 - Archiculture

"Archicultural Nepal Journey" will have the best of students/professionals passionate about Architecture. We will start from an Indian society and gradually pass in to The Rising Nepal. We aim to understand various fundamental and critical development issues faced by Nepal  in improving its social and environmental conditions. With the purpose behind, this one is kind of  an unique trip, apply for it—because it probably won’t happen again!


Workshops & Seminars

Workshops are a very intrinsic part of Purvai. These are the times when we actually learn things to be used. In past, we have learned about earthquake resistant techniques, mud brick construction, earth bag construction, sustainable environments, bamboo architecture and techniques, natural building materials, hilly area settlements and organic farming. Learn more about previous workshops here.

Purvai’18 will include Earth Bricks and Reconstruction Implications in Nepal, Poverty Alleviation & Livelihood in Himalayas & Bamboo Workshop in Madhubani.

Lectures & Discussions

It is always good to learn from the masters themselves. In the past we have had Architects & personalities like Ar. Karan Grover, Didi Contractor, Ar. Richard Belho, Ar. Laurent Fournier, Ar. Anjan Mitra, Mr. Mark Moore, Prof. A. K. Singh & Ar. Pem Gyaltsen for discussions. Apart from architecture, lectures also cover Cultural and Geograhical aspects responsible for the evolution of architectural style.

This time we will have lectures & discussion sessions with Build Up Nepal, Chay Ya and one of the renowned Mithila Painting Artists from Bihar.


Person having keen interest in Design & Architecture.
Age between 18-30 years.
We will consider the candidate's approach and thinking based on his application form for selection.


Trip will start from New Delhi on 24th Feb' 2018 and will end at New Delhi on 10th Mar' 2018.
Detailed itinerary here!