Travel & Learn

Not all classrooms
have four walls.


Uncover a range of academic and vocational opportunities


Engage with experts in hands-on learning sessions


Discover yourself through a range of transformative experiences


Find your true passion and ignite an ambition

Travel Recipes

Though all of Kaarwan journeys revolve around making students aware of the problems current day India faces and their solutions, we have various means of doing this. Students are inspired towards being the change India needs. 


Life Skills Learning

The activities and workshops that are part of our programs are designed to help children learn skills that are relevant in life and balance their knowledge, skills and attitude for holistic development


Art, Culture and History

We try that our students understand the local culture. You also travel with time by visiting various forts that captivates you with its art and architecture.


Curriculum Expedition

These are based on specific area of the curriculum and it may be organized to give in-depth knowledge of any subject to students & teachers. It helps in stimulation of their imagination and benefits them to relate their knowledge to the real world.


Community Service

Children are also made to understand their responsibility towards society & the environment.