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From personal well-being to professional success.
Residential vastu
Residential vastuMake your home a happy and lucky place with our Vastu tips.
Commercial vastu
Commercial vastuElevate workplace efficiency and harmony with strategic Vastu designs for your office.
Industrial vastu
Industrial vastuImprove your factory's work and safety with our simple Vastu steps

Our Vastu Experts

Skilled at various projects, including homes, businesses, and industrial sites.
ar. bagmita-acharjya
Ar. Bagmita Acharjya
With a MS in Urban Design from University of Strathclyde, UK and a Bachelor's in Architecture from NIT Nagpur, with 2+ years of exp. in the field of architecture and design. Also a certified Vastu expert to provide impactful solutions to the people.
Specialities: Vastu design for residential and commercial architecture, vastu for interior design,urban design.
ar. sanket-munshi
Ar. Sanket Munshi
Graduated with a B. Arch from Pune University. Worked as a community architect in Nagaland focusing mainly on sustainable design practice. Have worked as an interior designer in Pune. Creating abundance with help of design has always been my forte.
Specialities: Abundance using vastu shastra for Design. Expertise in residential and interior design.

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We have variety of plans, so everyone can enjoy a happier place.
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      Talk to our Architect vastu expertImprove Vastu For a Happier Space.

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      We design beautiful home interiors but always had clients look for Vastu compliance. The existing Vastu Pandits in the market made our job very difficult. With Kaarwan & their professional Vastu Consultants who themselves are Architects, it made our job pretty easy. Now we get more clients who in turn get happy & prosperous homes.

      Our Mission

      We want to make your living and working spaces better, happier, and richer, using the simple rules of Vastu.
      We want to make your living and working spaces better, happier, and richer, using the simple rules of Vastu.
      • Improve happiness and health: Use Vastu to make life better.
      • Balance and good energy:Make your spaces full of positivity and harmony.
      • Make Vastu simple: Explain Vastu in easy ways for everyone to understand.
      • Custom advice: Give tips that fit your personal needs.
      Vastu Improved
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      Why improving your Vastu is important!

      icon-thumbHealthy relationshipsVastu makes life easier by bringing peace, and improving relationships with family and friends.
      icon-thumbKeeping away negative thoughtsBuilding homes following Vastu Shastra to create a positive environment.
      icon-thumbPositive vibes everywhereFinding positive energy with guidance from Vastu
      icon-thumbBalancing energiesVastu harmonizes the natural elements, bringing balance to the energies.
      icon-thumbHappy spacesBoost your luck with online Vastu advice
      icon-thumbWealth problems resolvedSecuring financial stability with Vastu guidance
      Ready to improve Vastu?Understand what's true and what's just a assumption.


      • Master Bedroom should only be Southwest.
      • South facing houses are not good.
      • Mirrors should not be placed in bedroom.
      • Only main entrance impacts vastu.
      • Only red colour should be used.
      • Plants can be placed anywhere in the house.


      • Bedrooms placement depends on aim, age and occupation.
      • The zoning of direction is the key to vastu.
      • Mirrors are okay if not facing the bed.
      • Both doors and windows impact vastu.
      • Colour depends on the zonal balance of the room.
      • Plant type and placement is important.


      Insights, Inspiration, and In-depth Knowledge

      Frequently asked questions

      Vastu Shastra is a time-tested approach to creating living spaces that can improve health, wealth, and happiness. It's based on the idea of aligning the elements of nature, energy, and cosmic forces to bring positivity and balance into our homes.
      You can get Vastu advice online by sharing your property's layout and details with the experts. They analyze this information and offer recommendations to improve energy flow, all without needing to visit your property.
      Online Vastu consulting is just as accurate and trustworthy as an in-person visit. The Vastu experts at Kaarwan will need all the small details about your place to identify any issues and give you exact solutions according to Vastu Shastra.
      You'll need to provide a detailed floor plan of your property, the direction it faces, and specific concerns or goals you have in mind.
      Yes, each country has its own energy that affects its luck and future. So, while the basic rules stay the same, the ways to apply those rules can vary from one country to another.
      Common remedies include rearranging furniture, altering room colors, or adding specific elements. Most do not require structural changes, making them easy to implement.
      Vastu principles help make workplaces better by increasing productivity, bringing in positive vibes, and creating a peaceful atmosphere
      Experience the Magic of VastuFlat ₹200 Off**on your first consultation with any package