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Top Money-making Side Hustles for Architects and Designers

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Team Kaarwan

What do a lot of recent Architecture College graduates have in common besides their degrees? Student loans and disillusionment.

But with the emergence of the digital age and “side-hustle economy,” millennials are learning how to monetize their passions, and now 1 in 4 students are making money digitally. Side hustling has become so popular that there is even a school for it.

The difference between a side hustle and a second job is that side hustles aren’t just about giving yourself a raise. A side hustle is something you truly love to do, and would probably do anyway, but now you get to share it with the world and make a little extra cash in the process. So what side hustle is right for you?

Here is a list of side hustles that best suit the skillset of architects and designers!

1. Muralist

To launch a successful muralist career, you’ll need a portfolio and promotion. And a legal wall to paint on. Caution: this side hustle may involve heights.  

2. Photographer

Content and quality images are hot commodities in the digital age. Use sites like Fotolia, Shutterstock, Alamy, or Scoopshot to post and sell your photography.  

3. Multimedia Designer

With freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc, design jobs across the internet. From logos and websites to tattoos- there are so many categories to explore.

4. Furniture Designer

With Etsy and Shopify, designing, fabricating, and selling furniture or other wares is a great way to make some money while exercising your design and shop skills.  

5. Tutor

Take inventory of your skills and teach an online course. Most skills in architecture require extra explanations so ask around if anyone needs a software or skills tutor.  

While there are infinitely more side hustles than you can take up, these are some of the most common and easiest ones that any Architect or Designer is capable of pursuing depending on their passion! 

Team Kaarwan

Team Kaarwan

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