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5 Reasons why Architectural Writing is the perfect career for you!

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Team Kaarwan

Journalism is a platform that can increase communication, constructive criticism, ideas, and innovations within the architectural community and the world. With a growing audience and a huge number of Architects showing interest in Journalism, this career option has never been more viable and sought after.

Check out the 5 top reasons why a career in Writing after Architecture is a great option for you!

1. Increased content consumption

In this day and age, when people are driven by the content they consume, using the right words can be an absolute game-changer in grabbing people’s attention, especially now when attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter.  

2. Huge demand and scope

Even though practicing architectural journalism can seem like an uncharted path it, has gained wide popularity in recent years. While it may be a niche, it has surely become a highly viable and sought-after career choice.  

3. Importance of online presence

Many architects and designers face challenges when it comes to creating content and putting their work out on the Internet. Therefore, over the years, people have realized the importance of hiring a professional writer to handle their presence across different media.  

4. Communication of Architecture

Writing about it increases the communication surrounding architecture and design. An exchange of ideas and opinions, essentially creates awareness about architecture, making architectural journalism an important discipline.  

5. Appreciation of Architecture

People outside the realm of architecture rarely ever get a chance to understand its actual meaning. Therefore, there is a need for architecture to be communicated to people outside the community to make them appreciate the importance of good architecture.  

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Team Kaarwan

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