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Architecture is meeting a Sustainable Future: These 6 projects are proof of it!

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While we might not be colonizing other planets or planning for robotic flying cars yet, the AEC industry has revolutionized significantly over the last few decades! In the age of Big Data and shifting culture trends, architects everywhere are responding to the call for better design solutions.

However, we can only hope to protect our future environments and climate by having an economic focus through multiple facets of the architectural industry. One of the main philosophies behind the sustainability trend is reducing waste, recycling space, and minimizing energy loss. You can incorporate this trend into your design ideas by looking at three main areas: materials, energy efficiency, and location. By focusing on these major principles and approaching the situation in a holistic way, sustainability can be made part of mainstream architecture!

Here are 6 masterpieces of recent times, that are acting as catalysts for a greener future!

1. Aequorea, Rio de Janeiro

Architect: Vincent Callebaut

Concept: Bioluminescent jellyfish


  • Mangrove rooted on a floating dome
  • Double shell thickness to resist water pressure  

Source: arch20, Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut

2. Ecorium, South Korea

Architect: Grimshaw, Samoo architects

Concept: Nature’s Odyssey


  • Sloped curtain wall for rainwater collection
  • The global ecosystem of five different climatic zones  

Source: SAMOO Architects and Engineers 

3. 1700 Alberni Towers, Vancouver

Architect: Heatherwick studio

Concept: Repetitions and rhythms found within nature


  • Biophilic design
  • Green terraces represent the necessity for future  

Source: Architect Magazine 

4. Hualien Residences, Taiwan

Architect: BIG

Concept: Scandinavian typology and folding hills


  • Green roofs further mitigate heat gain and rainwater harvesting
  • Folding hills create a breathable micro-climate than the context     

Source: Archdaily

5. The vertical park, San Jose

Architect: CROX

Concept: Circular shape for unity and historical continuity


Source: Archdaily

6. Solar orchids, Singapore

Architect: SPARK

Concept: A cluster of orchids


  • Mobile floating hawker center 
  • Energy-generating ETFE canopy

Source: Spark Architects

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