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The architecture of the most Expensive Residences in India!

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India is home to 138 billionaires, who live in luxurious homes which are aspirational in their names, and have swanky architecture & sprawling facilities. If you’re curious to know what these lavish homes are worth, then let’s tell you that these expensive billionaire homes are worth so much that they could represent the GDP of a few countries!

So, dive right in for a trip to some of the most expensive homes in India.

1. Antilia 

Designed by Perkins and Will, Antilia is the world’s 2nd costliest house at 12000 crores, which is owned by the Ambani family.   

Source: Indiatimes.com

2. JK House 

JK House is the 2nd most expensive private home In India owned by Raymond Group chairman Gautam Sanghania, which costed 6000 crores! 

Source: Sawdust.Online

3. Abode 

Abode, owned by Anil Ambani is the 3rd costliest house in India  at 5000 crores with a height of 70m and a helipad.  

Source: India Today NE

4. Jatia house 

Owned by K.M Birla and is the 4th costliest house in India at 425 croreswith 20 bedrooms and ceilings made of Burma teakwood. 

Source: Postoast

5. Mannat 

Owned by actor Shah Rukh Khan, Mannat is one of the most luxurious houses (200 croreslocated in Bandra.   

Source: Mannat 

6. Jindal House 

Situated in the leafy Lutyens bungalow zone in Delhi; Jindal House is owned by politician-industrialist Naveen Jindal and costed a whopping 150 crores

Source: Real Update

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