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Architect's Handbook - Toilet design

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How to properly design Toilet details

Irrespective of building type, the Toilet is quickly becoming more of a design feature. It’s an area that everyone has to use and as such, it should form an integral aspect of building design. Toilets can unite different areas of a building during the design process. Stand-out features, such as individual hand basins in cubicles bring the wow factor to toilets while creating a comfortable environment for users. 

What you will be learning in this blog:

  1. Dimensions of W.C

  2. Dimensions of Washbasins

  3. Dimensions of Bathtubs

  4. Dimensions of Urinals

  5. Do’s & Don’t’s of Residential & Public Spaces

The components of a toilet:

1. Dimensions of W.C

Standard toilet dimensions are typically between 700-760mm deep, roughly 500mm wide, and between 27–32" high.

1 .png

Illustration credits: Sonali K,

2. Dimensions of Washbasin

The standard size of a wash basin would be 500-760mm in length, 480-600mm in width & about 177.8mm in depth.

2 .png

Illustration credits: Sonali K,

3. Dimensions of Bath Tubs

The average Bathtub dimensions should be 1520mm long and 760mm wide, with a height of 355-400mm. Bathtubs should retain a clear width of 760mm alongside the entire length of the bathtub.


Illustration credits: Sonali K,

4. Dimensions of Urinals

For men, urinals are more space efficient, faster, and more sanitary in busy public restrooms than toilet stalls. The accessible urinal is required to have a 760 mm x 1220 mm clear floor or ground space positioned for a forward approach. 

4 .png

Illustration credits: Sonali K,

Types of Toilets:

1. Residential toilets- 

The toilet heights in residential toilets would be 368.3mm from the finished floor level.



Illustration credits: Sonali K,

2. Commercial/ Public toilets -

Usually in these kinds of toilets the plumbing, water supply, and sewer connections are connected to a vertical wall. All the door openings should open on the outside to give the user better inner space. 

6 .png

Source: Sonali K &

These were a few of the important points to remember while designing Toilets in buildings. Stay tuned for more such informative guides on other important topics in the AEC industry and to check out more of these follow Kaarwan.

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