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Architectural Journalism: The off-beat career Choice!

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Team Kaarwan

While there are several ways to connect with people, writing is possibly one of the most essential ones. Using the right words can be an absolute game-changer in grabbing people’s attention, especially now when people’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter.

Owing to this, the field of Architectural Journalism is gaining a lot of attention in today’s time. And although a lot of people wish to pursue it, most of us are unaware of the bucketloads of opportunities that await us in this field.

Ever wondered who all need architectural writers and journalists in the field? Here is a list of some of them:

1. Magazines

2. Décor brands

3. Real estate developers

4. AEC Tech based companies

5. Design Studios

6. Educational institutes and similar backgrounds

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Team Kaarwan

Team Kaarwan

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