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6 AutoCAD secrets that you are missing out on!

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Anybody who works in the AEC industry knows about AutoCAD. It is one of the oldest and most recognizable digital design software. Masters of AutoCAD can create detailed drawings that show clients exactly what they can expect from construction work.


AutoCAD also has a ton of depth. You could work with it for years and still not use all of what it has to offer. That’s where this guide will come in handy!

Let’s speed up your AutoCAD skills, by looking at 6 little AutoCAD secrets that you may not know.

1. Close All

Close all command allows you to close all commands and prompt windows to click. It helps you save time if you have a lot of files open simultaneously.  

Source: AutoDesk Forums

2. Content explorer

Content panel -> Content explorer

Content Explorer authorizes you to search with keywords which helps you find all layers as well.  

Source: The CAD Geek 

3. Grouping over blocks

Grouping allows us to edit, whereas blocks don’t allow the same flexibility, which is why grouping first and then blocking is the best method.  


4. Join

The join command allows you to connect a bunch of lines together. This prevents any unwanted edits or frustrating disconnects in your design.  

Source: AutoCAD

5. Chamfer

Chamfer allows you to create corners easily, where you have various customization options and can use the shift key for getting back to 0  

Source: Javatpoint

6. Adding blocks

Design center -> file -> + -> Add blocks

This is helpful if you have various blocks that you utilize constantly, located in different files.

Source: Autodesk Knowledge Network

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