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Can AI and Metaverse replace Architects?

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Team Kaarwan

As we progress to the next generation of the internet with Metaverse, several disciplines such as architecture, design, and real estate stand to change. Technological innovations have created exciting new possibilities for digital real estate, leasing, advertising, and anyone building in the metaverse!

Today, architects and designers are increasingly aware of the responsibility they have in leading this construction of the virtual environment. For architects, Metaverse is a place where they can push formal boundaries and redefine what “space” means. It provides an opportunity for them to share unbuilt designs, expand their reach to all corners of the earth and increase the value of digital property.

Swipe through as we understand the basics of Metaverse and its implication on architecture and design!

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual world in which people live, work, shop, and interact with others all from the comfort of their space, and is a space owned by no one and anyone.

The implication of Metaverse and AI

AI can help alter the way how designers design as it can deliver them with various iterations of space. Metaverse can provide a virtual space for anything that can be visually constructed.

Firms and current experiments

Architects are now experimenting with metaverse and AI, and firms like ZHA and BIG are doing projects within metaverse. These designs can be visually visited but are not physically present.

Professionals Desk

Artificial Intelligence may change some of the duties of an architect, and some may even become redundant, but the profession itself can never be taken over by AI. -Milind Pilai, MPA

Final Verdict

These can be treated as the new way to design, but cannot be treated as the “new era architects”. Metaverse and AI can boost any design with the thought process of any individual.

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