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Your complete guide to NATA Exam 2024

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Comprehensive guide to NATA Entrance Exam 2024

How do I get into architecture after high school? What is NATA exam? What dates to look out for? Eligibility criteria and what not. We cover it all! Read ahead to know everything.

What is NATA entrance Exam?

Dreaming of a career in architecture? NATA is what you need. NATA stands for National Aptitude Test in Architecture. NATA, conducted by the Council of Architecture (COA), is a qualifying exam for admission to Bachelor of Architecture programs in India.

When is NATA exam 2024 and how many times is NATA exam held in a year? 

The NATA exam dates are as follows:

NATA 2024 Examination will be held on all weekends of April to July, 2024 in two sessions. The candidates can give a maximum of three attempts for NATA 2024 in this academic year.

The best score out of all the attempts will be considered for the declaration of results. NATA test score will be valid for two academic years.

This is the schedule of NATA exam 2024:

Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 21-46-01 Edit Blog Kaarwan.png

How is NATA exam 2024 different than previous year?

The drawing section has been reintroduced in NATA 2024. It will be taken as an offline test at a NATA exam centre along with the online aptitude test.


Taking NATA-2024

Candidates fulfilling the below criteria can appear for NATA 2024:

  • Passed or appearing in 10+1 Examination with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

  • Passed or appearing in 10+2 Examination with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

  • Passed or appearing in 10+3 Diploma Examination with Mathematics as a subject

Admission to First year of B.Arch. Program

No candidate shall be admitted to architecture course unless she / he has passed 10+2 or equivalent examination with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as compulsory subjects with at least 50% marks in aggregate or passed 10+3 Diploma Examination with Mathematics as compulsory subject with at least 50% marks in aggregate

So to answer your question - Can I study architecture without maths or physics? – The answer is sadly no. If there any changes in the eligibility criteria, an official notification will be posted. You can keep a look out for any notifications here and here.

Registration: NATA exam application procedure

Application is to be filled up online. Candidates can go to the NATA portal for the same. You can visit it here

The application form is broadly categorized into three steps: filling of Personal details, Document uploading and Fee payment. For more details you can check out NATA 2024 brochure here

How is NATA exam conducted?

NATA is a combination of an offline test and a computer based test. It will be conducted in various test centers across India.

NATA 2024 exam pattern

NATA is divided into two parts. Part A is an offline drawing test and Part B is a computer based MCQ exam. The Aptitude test will be in English and Hindi. The exam pattern is as follows:


NATA 2024 Exam Syllabus

The syllabus for the exam will be as follows:

Syllabus (1).png

Syllabus (2).png

Qualifying Marks for NATA 2024

To attain qualifying marks in NATA 2024 one needs to get:

  1. Minimum 20 marks in PART A

  2. Minimum 30 marks in PART B

  3. Overall qualifying marks for NATA 2024 are 70 out of 200 as aggregate of Part A and Part B.

One will not qualify in NATA-2024 unless all three conditions mentioned above are met.

Make sure to read the NATA 2024 brochure for detailed information of the exam. Also remember to glance through the appendix part of the brochure to get valuable information regarding the Do's and Dont’s of the exam, guidelines for filling up online form, exam centers and important dates.

Application fees for NATA 2024

Application fees for the exam with be as follows:

Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 23-31-22 NATA-BROCHURE-2023 - option 2.pdf - NATA_BROCHURE_2024.pdf.png

How to prepare for NATA 2024

pexels-julia-m-cameron-4144097.jpgImage credits: Julia M Cameron via Pexels

A good way to gauge the types of questions asked in NATA is to review previous year question papers. Find previous year question papers for NATA examination here. By examining question difficulty, spotting exam trends, and analyzing topic weightage, you can gain an advantage in your preparation. You can further prepare for NATA 2024 by:

  • Creating your own study plan

  • Making sure you practice adequately for both, Part A and part B of the exam.

  • Sketch and draw regularly

  • Seek feedback on your drawings from teachers, peers, or online communities. You can join our NATA 2024 online community here - Get all you doubts cleared in an instant by industry experts!

  • Focus on improving creativity, shading, and detailing in your sketches.

  • Regularly revise key concepts and formulas. Keep a formula sheet or flashcards handy for quick reference.

  • Stay informed about any updates or changes in the NATA exam pattern or syllabus. Follow official announcements and notifications.

  • Try to seek advice from tutors or mentors who can provide valuable insights.

If you are someone who is looking for complete guidance and experienced mentors for the preparation of NATA 2024, then you can opt for our free NATA preparation course by joining this Whatsapp Group
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