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How can architecture save the world and itself?

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Team Kaarwan

Much more than designing buildings or whole communities, architects have a greater task. They're uniquely positioned to improve life for professional clients, cities, and private individuals.

Here are a few thoughts on how architecture can save the world, and itself.

1. Bridging the past

Through conservation and management that preserves the timelessness of heritage structures and hence strengthens the bridge to the past.  

2. Restructuring the Pedagogy

Addressing real-world problems in design projects provides exposure to students and helps them gain valuable insights into their design process.  

3. Diversification in practice

Diversifying as a professional in architecture+design helps build a resilient practice while creating room for experimentation and research.  

4. Interdisciplinary approach

That considers professionals from other verticals, artisans, traditional masons, sculptors, and others who may or may not be directly linked to architecture, but add value.  

5. Internships

Interning is not just in architecture offices, but also in fields like production design, art direction, and urban infrastructure that demand expertise in design and creative freedom.

6. Breaking the cliché

By encouraging graduates in architecture to not only practice architecture, but also set foot in varied fields and apply the knowledge gained towards practice.

If you think about it, Architecture is beyond building blocks and lofty skyscrapers, cement and mortar in all sense.

Team Kaarwan

Team Kaarwan

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