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Indian Art Movements that all Architects need to know!

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The history of Indian art is exceptionally long and superbly impressive, and the rich cultural diversity of the country is well reflected in the vivid, distinct, and enchanting folk art and crafts. Indian art history is a vast and diverse subject, encompassing a wide range of artistic styles and movements that have evolved over thousands of years.

Here are 6 such art movements across Indian History!

1. Early Indian Art

It was a movement that had paintings, carvings, engravings, and sculptures which were dating back to around 8000 B.C.

arly Indian artdd.jpegImage Source: invaluable

2. Rock Art

It included all rock art forms and had engraving and paintings over them. Rock art was one of the earliest art forms in India.

Early Indian art 1.jpgImage Source: Dhoomimal Gallery

3. Indus Valley civilization

The Indus Valley civilization was known for its widespread sophistication. Most of the artworks were related to stone figurines.

Indus valley civilization 1.jpgImage Source: World History

4. Vedic Period

It was the period that started alongside the Indo-Aryan migration. Their art was focused primarily on nature and elementary forces. Women enjoyed Equal Status in the Vedic Period.

Vedic period 2.jpgImage Source: youth ki awaaz

5. Mauryan Art

Mauryan art flourished sometime around 322 BCE and it was majorly inspired by Buddhism due to then ruler Ashoka.

Mauryan art 1.jpgImage source: Current affairs

6. Colossal Yaksha statuary

This movement was mainly based on yakshas and Kubera. This is a very unique art style had most of the work using rock as a material.  

Colossal yaksha statuary 1.jpgImage Source: Time Machine images

In conclusion, Indian art history is a vast and captivating tapestry that spans thousands of years and reflects the diverse cultural, religious, and historical influences of the Indian subcontinent. The art of different periods reflects the changing dynasties, empires, and cultural interactions that have shaped the Indian subcontinent's rich artistic landscape.

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