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Valuable Life Lessons from Master Architect BV Doshi!

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Team Kaarwan

One of India’s greatest architects, Ar. BV Doshi, passed away on 24th January 2023, at the age of 95. A pioneer of form and light and a Pritzker Prize winner, Doshi has left an unmatched legacy. This heartbreaking news moved the entire Architectural community, which extended its deepest condolences.

Source: STIRworld

In honor of his unforgettable contribution to architecture, art, life, culture, and philosophy, here are a few of his life lessons that hold deep value in all of our hearts.

1. “Architecture as a system and process rather than a finished structure.” (The architectural review, 2019)  

Architecture through the conventional mindset is viewed as a collage of aesthetics and functionality when in all truth, it is a system with a human-centered design process.

Source: Dezeen

2. “Design must be democratized” (B.V.Doshi: Architecture for the people)  

The works of architect B.V. Doshi, are imbued with a mission to impact the social, economic, and cultural aspects through design that reflects on contextual sensibility and the behavior & patterns of people.  


3. “Everything you know creates an impact” (AD Design show, on stage with architect Frank Gehry)  

The design philosophy, process, and systems from which architecture originates have an impact on the lives of people and their surroundings, which prompts leads us to the larger question.  

Source: RIBA Journal 

4. “Are we there at all or are we watching what’s happening?” (conversation with FAB Biennale: lockdown learnings)  

This perhaps happens to be the bigger question of situational awareness that prompts intervention at the earliest, to upscale human life to its finest through design that is sensible and sensitive.  

Source: Architizer

5. "We lose even what we have, and we borrow what doesn’t suit us at all” (Article on architect B.V. Doshi by the royal academy, UK)  

Professionals in the field of architecture, have a greater sense of responsibility to “unearth local values and traditions, enabling their restorations through the transformational power of architecture.”  

Source: Elle decor 

6. “Will it grow? Will it become a magnet so that it can attract other people?”  

How architecture derived from self-sustaining communities, inspired by their complete routine and life was resilient and timeless in contrast to that of today where architecture is isolated and selective.    

Source: The Quint 

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