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Tips to Prepare well for your Final Presentation!

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Team Kaarwan

A great design can be mediocre if it is not presented well. In order to win over a client, planning committee or juror it is vital the scheme is clearly conveyed and easy to understand. In a way, it’s like a sales pitch, where you are selling your design, ideas, and concept.

Your drawings, graphics, and presentation boards have one main purpose – to communicate your design, and if your presentation looks good, but doesn’t do its job – you may need to think again. The importance of your final presentations is equal to that of your design. You should be able to guide the audience through your design process.

Here are some tips which will help you prep for your final presentation!

1. Comprehensiveness

Setting the premise by introducing the site context helps the audience comprehend themselves well with the surroundings of the site.

2. User-centric

Keep the people/ users at the center of your story while explaining your design. It helps the viewer relate better to the designs and thus understand better.

3. Critical thinking

Mention the use within the story and explain the solution through conceptual graphics like sketches. Pictures always speak louder than words!

4. Detailing

Architectural elements such as facades and material selection are essential in defining the spatial narrative and showing attention to detail.

5. Engaging the audience

Visualization is a powerful tool for communication and hence helps the audience relate to your design a lot better than complex technical drawings.

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