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6 Projects that are redefining Wooden Architecture!

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The first thought that strikes most minds when we hear ‘Wooden Architecture’ is of conventional cottages, cabins, and huts giving an impression of humble and cozy living. But a new wave of architects is adapting its usage for this century and beyond, using it as a primary material for large commercial structures, pavilions, energy-saving facades, and even skyscrapers. Lightweight, flexible, and renewable, wood is transcending its rustic origins as one of the world’s most ancient building materials.

Source: World Architecture Community

We’ve rounded up a list of the 6 most stunning modern structures built out of wood in the world!

1. Community Church Knarvik (Knarvik, Norway)

Wood is the key material expressed in the homogenous cladding of pre-weathered pine heartwood and mirrored by the light color pine finish on all interior surfaces.  

Source: Archdaily

2. Metropol Parasol (Seville, Spain)

One of the largest and most innovative bonded timber constructions with a polyurethane coating. Giant latticed timber canopy as a part of the redevelopment of the plaza.  

Source: Parametric Architecture

3. Timber House (Bavaria house)

The façade is untreated larch wood, so it will grey with time. Windows are screened with lamellae of the same timber; the structural framework is exposed in the interiors.  

Source: Archdaily

4. Office off

The whole building is made of wood, in the interior spruce, on the outside larch, and the roof of Canadian pine wood. Parts of the cubes were covered with alucobond.  

Source: Archdaily 

5. Porto Potenza Picena Primary School (Italy)

The construction technology used (mixed-framework-x-lam) allowed large, compact, and light wooden structures, with excellent thermal and acoustic isolation properties.  

Source: Archdaily

6. The Natural Pavilion (Almere, Netherlands)

95% bio-based materials besides the Dutch-sourced wood for frame and wooden (CLT) floors and stairs, all the walls are made of leftover materials from agriculture.

Source: Archdaily

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