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Useful architectural resources for aspiring architects and young professionals

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Shreya Dubey

Unlock Your Full Architectural Potential with 300+ Quality Resources Curated by Kaarwan

Are you an architect, an architecture student or a design enthusiast? Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding student, navigating the vast world of architecture and design can be overwhelming as it is. That's why we have curated and compiled a comprehensive toolkit to help you along the way! We assure you this toolkit has everything you need from case studies to LOR and cover letter templates!

Why Kaarwan's Toolkit

Our curated toolkit isn't just a random assortment of materials – it's a thoughtfully curated collection of over 300+ architectural resources handpicked by experts in the field. From essential design software tips and shortcuts to insightful ebooks, captivating design guides, norms and by laws, and much more. Our toolkit covers every aspect of the architectural spectrum.

What You'll Find in Our Toolkit:

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  1. Software Galore: Explore shortcuts of industry-standard softwares such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino and Revit. Also find various CAD blocks, Revit families, Rhino files, Photoshop brushes and templates, 3D models that you can download and add to your own repository and use this extensive collection anytime you like in your own architectural projects

  2. Inspiring Reads: Dive into a treasure trove of architectural literature, including case studies of works by renowned architects like BV Doshi, Geoffrey Bawa, and FL Wright. Also find insightful guides on design principles like Vastu and sustainability. You can also check out design guides that simplify architectural styles, and so much more!

  3. Educational Resources: Access selected tutorials covering a wide range of topics, from architectural history and theory to sustainable design and construction techniques. Also find inspirations boards for interior and architecture design along with a step-by-step framework to your architectural thesis. Slice 47.jpgSource: Author

  4. Exam prep: Study material for competitive exams like NATA and GATE. This includes notes and previous year questions papers. We have also compiled resources needed for pursuing master's and you can find helpful info about scholarships, admissions requirements, letter of recommendation templates and more.

  5. Professional Resources: Portfolio and resume templates, statement of purpose templates, letter of recommendation templates, profile building ideas, and cold email samples are also a part of this architectural toolkit.

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We have compiled everything one might need right from their first year of architecture to graduation and beyond!

How to Make the Most of Kaarwan's Toolkit:

  1. Explore Regularly: Our toolkit is constantly evolving, with new resources added regularly to keep you inspired and informed.

  2. Customize Your Learning: Tailor your exploration based on your interests, whether you're focusing on a specific architectural style, a particular era, or a niche area of expertise.

  3. Collaborate and Connect: Join our community of architects, students, and professionals to gain insights and seek advice. Let's push the boundaries of architectural innovation together.


With Kaarwan's curated toolkit at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're embarking on your architectural education journey or seeking to elevate your professional practice, let us be your trusted companion in unlocking your full creative potential.

Explore Kaarwan's curated toolkit now and take your passion for architecture to new heights! For more helpful content related to architecture and design you can also check out our curated blogs here.
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