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Role of Brick in Modern Architecture

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Aishwarya Bomble

Brick, a construction material dating back to around 7,000 BC, can be used in numerous different ways that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Though the form of a brick is simple, modern architects have found a variety of brave new ways to build with it.

Here are some projects that explore brick in modern architecture!

Tate Modern Switch House (London, United Kingdom)

Architects - Herzog & de Meuron

Typology - Cultural Centre

Use - Exterior of latticed brickwork on concrete structure  

A perforated covering of 336,000 bricks that clad the building's exterior helps the extension to match the brickwork of Giles Gilbert Scott's original power station.

1.jpgSource - Archdaily

IIM Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad, India)

Architects - Ar. Louis Kahn

Typology - Institute

Use - Massive brick masonry & highly geometric design

Being a monolithic masonry, many individual bricks were laid by hand & were used to build arches, semi-circles, sliced out of multiple walls & other elements.

2.jpgSource: Internet

Premier Office (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

Architects - Tropical Space

Typology - Office

Use - A dynamic facade of brickwork for light & ventilation

To inspire people working there, an interesting facade is designed by having a double layer with a unique “brick curtain” outside, & sliding glass doors inside.

3.jpgSource - Archdaily

Centre for Development Studies (Kerala, India)

Architects - Ar. Laurie Baker

Typology - Institute

Use - Curved double walls of perforated brick jaalis

Laurie Baker evolved an inventive technique of curved double walls of perforated brick jaalis, and staggered corners for proper light and ventilation.

4.jpgSource - Centre for development studies

Rookery Building (Chicago, USA)

Architects - Ar. Frank Lloyd Wright, John Root & Daniel Burnham

Typology - Office

Use - Historic example of exposed brick building in architecture

With a height of 55 metres and twelve floors is a combination of load bearing masonry & steel framing covered by exposed brick facade.

5.jpgSource - Marlene Calderon

Brick House (Mumbai, India)

Architects - iStudio

Typology - Residence

Use - Organic structure entirely made up of brick 

Rat-trap bond brickwork, filler slabs, brick jalis, brick arches, built-in furniture with local material were used to save the cost and make the whole process eco-friendly.

6.jpgSource -Archdaily

In conclusion, these projects expand our imagination on what is possible with brick as a material. The architects experiment, explore and play around with this simple cuboid to create awe-inspiring structures. These projects are milestones in the field of architecture, pushing boundaries of creativity and engineering.

Aishwarya Bomble

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