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The World's 5 Best Airport Lounges that every Architect must experience!

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Nishita Verma

Discover the top airport lounges that have redefined luxury travel with their outstanding design, exquisite dining, and serene ambiance. Explore the architectural wonders from Istanbul to Hong Kong that every architect must experience.

1. Turkish Airlines Lounge - Istanbul International Airport:


Year: 2019 | Designers: Softroom Architecture and Design

The Turkish Airlines Lounge at Istanbul International Airport offers an immersive experience that celebrates Turkish culture and hospitality. Designed by Softroom Architecture and Design, this lounge features the remarkable Flow Wall, an interior parametric structure that adds a touch of elegance. With its live cooking counters, museum spaces, and courtyard installations, the lounge showcases the richness of Turkish heritage and cuisine.

2. Lufthansa First Class Terminal - Frankfurt International Airport:


Year: 2004 | Designers: Hollin + Radoske

The Lufthansa First Class Terminal at Frankfurt International Airport is a masterpiece in luxurious functionality. Designed by Hollin + Radoske, this terminal offers a seamless travel experience for first-class passengers. The design incorporates a subtle corporate identity, modular spaces, and careful consideration of light orientation. This exclusive terminal sets the bar high for both aesthetics and functionality.

3. Swiss First Class Lounge - Zurich International Airport:



The Swiss First Class Lounge at Zurich International Airport presents an inviting and homely atmosphere. Designed by GREUTMANN BOLZERN DESIGN STUDIO, this lounge combines natural materials and Swiss craftsmanship. The bright, oiled oak parquet, limestone walls, and furniture by Swiss designers create a warm and elegant environment. With a barista bar set in copper, it is the perfect place to relax before your flight.

4. Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class Lounge - Hong Kong International Airport:


Year: Reopened in 2023 | Designers: Studioilse, led by Ilse Crawford

The Pier First Class Lounge by Cathay Pacific at Hong Kong International Airport embodies a sophisticated and contemporary Asian aesthetic. Led by Studioilse, the lounge features minimalist design elements, including cherry wood, onyx, and marble finishes. The concept takes inspiration from the streets of Hong Kong and blends it with Asian touches, creating a tranquil haven for discerning travelers.

5. Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse - Heathrow International Airport, London:


Year: 2007 | Designers: Softroom and Virgin Atlantic's in-house design team

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Heathrow International Airport in London is a vibrant and eclectic space designed by Softroom and Virgin Atlantic's in-house team. This lounge offers a range of amenities, including a poolside lounge, bar, restaurant, library, business center, salon, and spa. Its standout feature is a 14-meter cocktail bar, reminiscent of an airport carrier, where travelers can unwind and enjoy the unique ambiance.

Visiting these extraordinary airport lounges is an absolute must for architects seeking inspiration and appreciation for exceptional design.

Nishita Verma

Nishita Verma

A creative graphic designer with a wanderlust for exploring diverse cultures and capturing their essence through travel.