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Why architects need to care about the 2023 G20!

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Nishita Verma

Why architects need to care about the 2023 G20!

120 Million $$ on ‘beautification’:

City buildings received a fresh coat of paint as part of the $120 million 'beautification' project, and vibrant flowers were planted throughout the urban landscape.

imageSource: siasat.com

Creating a false image by disrupting daily life:

The pursuit of a false image through the 'beautification' process has had real and detrimental consequences, including the displacement of impoverished communities, removal of stray animals like dogs and monkeys, and the loss of livelihoods for street hawkers and vendors.

imageSource: cnn.com

But the G20 urban policies and agenda aim to:

The G20 urban policies and agenda, in stark contrast to the disruptive 'beautification' efforts, prioritize the creation of affordable housing, the enhancement of parks and green spaces, and the fostering of a strong 'sense of place' within cities.

image.pngSource: economictimes.com

Bettering resources and tools by:

As part of the G20 agenda, efforts are underway to improve resources and tools by providing training to city planners, focusing on creating more integrated urban spaces, establishing resilient hospitals, and deploying mobile healthcare facilities in remote areas. Additionally, there is a push to incorporate data-driven solutions to enhance the development of smart cities.

imageSource: france24

"The G20 summit represents a double-edged sword for the host city. While it holds the promise of planning and advocating for a more sustainable and inclusive urban environment that benefits all residents, the very event itself paradoxically disrupts the normal functioning of the city, with the extensive security measures and logistical challenges that come with hosting such a high-profile gathering."

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