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Yashobhoomi: India's Grand International Convention Center

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Nishita Verma

Yashobhoomi, the brainchild of CP Kukreja Architects, is a symbol of India's ambition to host world-class events, conferences, and exhibitions. Nestled in Dwaraka Sector 25, New Delhi, it's more than just a venue; it's an experience, built to conduct MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) on a global scale. The best part? It's seamlessly connected to the city's metro station, ensuring hassle-free access for attendees.

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Size & Capacity

This sprawling convention center spans an impressive 225 acres, boasting a total built-up area of over 1.8 lakh square meters. With a remarkable capacity to accommodate 10,000 individuals, it's no wonder the total project cost amounted to a staggering 25,703 crores.

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Spatial Planning

In the development of Yashobhoomi, a two-phase approach was adopted. Phase 1, already completed, features a main auditorium that comprises 15 convention rooms and ballrooms, setting the stage for grand events. Phase 2, currently in progress, promises a mixed-use development that includes a hospitality sector, a retail sector for shopping enthusiasts, and an indoor arena for exhibitions with a retractable roof. This expansion opens up exciting opportunities for the convention center to host an even wider array of events.

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Concept Design

Yashobhoomi's design is a celebration of Indian art and architecture, reflecting the nation's rich cultural heritage. The use of 'Jalli' like elements not only adds a touch of elegance but also aids in temperature regulation. The climate-sensitive design includes a thoughtful mix of semi-covered and open spaces, ensuring the comfort of attendees. Additionally, the LED façade can transform the entire center into a canvas, showcasing mesmerizing events to the world.

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Sustainability Factors

Yashobhoomi doesn't just aim for grandeur; it also has a strong commitment to sustainability. It proudly boasts an IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) certification, ensuring that it meets stringent green building standards. A state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system and rainwater harvesting techniques are in place to minimize the environmental impact. Furthermore, Yashobhoomi is ready for the future with ample charging points for electric vehicles (EVs), catering to the eco-conscious.

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Designed by CP Kukreja Architects


The brilliance behind Yashobhoomi's design is credited to CP Kukreja Architects, based in New Delhi. Their vision and expertise have culminated in this grand structure that is set to redefine the landscape of convention centers in India.

As CP Kukreja himself states, "When completed, Yashobhoomi center will become one of its kind fully integrated convention and exhibition spaces in the country." It's a testament to India's growing prominence on the global stage.

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