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5 Renowned Tools used for creating perfect digital portfolios!

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Team Kaarwan

Since the pandemic, we have stepped into a digital era where creating and sharing content has become a part of everyday life! New tools and platforms have gained popularity, especially, when it comes to showcasing work through digital portfolios.

Having a good digital portfolio enables you to connect with people, tell your story to the world, develop soft and digital skills, showcase your true potential, and highlight that you are up-to-date with industry trends.

Swipe ahead to know the 5 most renowned tools used for creating digital portfolios in today's world.


ISSUU allows you to upload PDF files online and share them with a flipbook animation. It’s considered the standard platform by all architects and designers.  


Behance allows you to share various types of files, from images to NFTs! It also provides the opportunity to showcase individual projects.  

3. WIX

Wix works as a hosting platform if you want to create your own website. It offers various templates to start your work from home.  


Scribd allows you to work with a platform that unites digital eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts, and more, offering versatility.  


Instagram is also steadily becoming a platform to showcase your work, but it isn’t considered a professional replacement for your portfolio.  

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