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Greatest Set & Production Designs in history

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Production Design can make or break your experience of how you view a movie! Swipe to see some of the greatest production designs in history.

1. Titanic, 1997

The production design involved making a replica of the ship that was 10% smaller than the original. The sinking scenes were shot in an 800-foot-wide water tank.  

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014

The main setting of this movie involved transforming an abandoned departmental store into the hotel's whimsical setting. Miniature models were used for the elevation shots.  

Source: Reddit

3. Harry Potter, 2001-2011

588 sets were built by a team of 86 artists at Leavesden Studios to create the forbidden forest, the great hall, platform 9 ¾, and diagon alley, in which the movie series was filmed.  

4. Ben Hur,1959

For this movie, 300 sets were created for this using 1 million pounds of plaster scattered over 148 acres and 9 soundstages. A second chariot race set was built to train and stage the shots.


5. Cleopatra, 1963

Following a winter storm that destroyed the earlier set, the newer set for this movie was rebuilt In Rome.  The execution was so massive that Italy almost ran out of building materials.  

Source: The Magnificent Set of the Magnificent Film, Cleopatra 1963

A set and production designer creates the style, theme, and look of a film set through the various elements such as costumes, location, and props thus enabling us to dive into an alternate reality.

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