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5 Reasons why you must write a Research paper for Academic and Professional Growth!

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Team Kaarwan

Understanding that research is important might seem like a no-brainer, but many people tend to underestimate it. Be it at the undergraduate level, for postgraduate studies or doctorate, or for securing premium job opportunities; research writing has the ability to open innumerable doors for everyone!

Source: Penn State World Campus Blog

For those who like to learn, whether they are members of a research institution or not, conducting research is not just important—it's imperative.  

1. Develops essential professional skills

Research writing helps you achieve success in your field, by building relevant skills which are important for employment. It allows you to become an authoritative voice in the field of your choice, and it teaches you how to conduct in-depth studies, strengthen your professional writing abilities, and increase your power of understanding.  

2. Expansion of the current body of knowledge

Knowledge stems from establishing facts and insightful findings on situations. It involves reading and questioning all the writings that are already out there. While conducting research, you discover new findings, by conducting an in-depth investigation.  

3. Helps verify facts and correct information

Fake news is now on the rise, especially because many journalists fail to conduct extensive investigations. Here research plays a very important role, as it provides sources and credibility to your study. It helps to verify existing information and ensure that only facts are put out in the public domain, to prevent misinformation.  

4. Opens up business and career opportunities

Having a published research paper reflects really well on your CV. It helps you to secure a good job, or earn scholarships, project funding, fellowships, grants, and much more! A lot of well-paying jobs have made it a compulsion nowadays. You can gauge the authenticity of available opportunities and set yourself a level apart from your peers.  

5. Helps to develop a research-based mindset

Research is composed of both, reading and writing, which help maintain critical thinking and comprehension. Listening and speaking are also vital to conducting efficient research. Listening to experts discuss their work can help us analyze from new perspectives and add new techniques to our arsenal.      

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Team Kaarwan

Team Kaarwan

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