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Most Popular Colour Trends for Architecture & Design Inspiration

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The era of vibrancy is upon us. The nation's top color experts decree the reign of neutrals and cool tones over. Bold, playful tones leaning on the warmer side of the color wheel are predicted to skyrocket in popularity.

The reason: People are becoming more adventurous with their color choices as a way to express themselves. While it truly comes down to personal preference when choosing the right shade for you, there are a few color family’s experts around the world foreseen popping up everywhere in the upcoming year. For those looking for inspiration, these are the color trends that will be huge in 2023.

Here are the key color trends that will be highly popular this year!

1. Digital lavender

This gorgeous tone can be easily infused into multiple occasions. The purple pastel brings out softer tones that blend with lower-key arrangements, and give a fresh take on disco and risqué, blending digital escapism with reality.  

Coloro (134-67-16)

Source: TenStickers

2. Sundial

Most interior design elements are incomplete without a tone that celebrates groundedness. Sundial is a gorgeous blend of gold, brown, and beige that can look ideal in any situation, by adding a little fresh take on neutral and earthy tones while also being relevant.  

Coloro (028-59-26)

Source: Interior Design Tips

3. Luscious Red

Representing empowerment and passion, luscious red is perfect for the trendy being who likes being bold. Add this to bring a pop of colour to couture looks and offbeat interiors to create statements.  

Coloro (010-46-36)  

Source: Jane Ashton

4. Tranquil Blue

A blend of aqua and marine tones, it brings peace and serenity to the chaos in our lives! Associated with sustainability and lightness, it is definitely a color to incorporate for beach vibes. Other than in your outfits, you can also add wall art and décor to compliment your interiors.  

Coloro (144-57-24)  

Source: Interiors By Color

5. Verdigris

Another colour trend close to nature, is Verdigris, a family of greens that can be blended as color blocked pieces while keeping the theme cool. It is a beautiful way to incorporate tropical prints and hues into your wardrobe and interiors.  

Coloro (092-38-21)  

Source: Interior Design Tips

6. Orchid Flower

Consider using shiny materials, metallic, and reflective surfaces to reinterpret this magenta color. Accept its digital attractiveness and playful vibe, and use it to your advantage to draw attention. To make a contrast and an effect, utilize an orchid flower in your fabrics!

Coloro (150-38-31)  

Source: Trendbook

7. Honeycomb

Honey has been cherished since the time of ancient Egyptians. Thus, introducing honeycomb, as we are becoming familiar with honey’s historical attributes. Its connection to preservation of agriculture and the environment for future generations reflects sustainability.    

Coloro (034-76-27)  

Source: Ideal Home

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