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4 Ways in which Lighting Design can transform spaces!

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Team Kaarwan

Although many think that lighting design is simply finding the right lighting fixtures for a space, it is actually a complex process led by a lighting designer.

Lighting design requires a combination of technical, aesthetic, and experiential knowledge and aims to achieve the transformation of spaces based on the experience of the users and their needs.

Let’s see how great lighting design can transform spaces:

1. Perception

Vision helps us enjoy architecture and “lighting” enhances how we perceive it!

Source: Cundall 

2. Dimension

Lighting adds another dimension to a space, bringing the design to life.

Source: KTH

3. Drama

Lighting can be used to create dramatic effects to enhance depth, height, and cozy spots, and draw attention to your most impressive areas.

Source: ArchDaily 

4.  Ambiance

You can create an alluring ambiance using lighting design to influence a space in architecture

Source: Homebuilding & Renovating

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