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Architecture and its disciples of design

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Bhoomika HS

Architecture is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses a wide range of design disciplines, that plays a very crucial role in defining functional, aesthetically and overall built environments.

Here are some of the design disciplines in architecture:

1. Architectural Design:

This is the core discipline within architecture. It involves the overall design and planning of buildings and structures.

Architectural Design 1.jpgImage Source: Building Guide

2. Interior Design:

Interior design focus on designing of interior spaces. They work to create functional and aesthetically appealing interiors, considering various criteria like layout, furniture layout and selection, color palette and schemes, indoor lighting, and material specs. Learn how to make a career in interior design with this self paced course at Kaarwan. You can also check out Career guide to interior design here.

Architecture and its disciples of design111.jpgImage Source: Arch Daily

3. Landscape Architecture:

Landscape architects are for strategically planning and designing outdoor spaces, such as parks, gardens, and urban plazas. Some of the elements used and considered for designing include flora, vegetation, hardscape materials, etc.

Architecture and its disciples of design 222.jpgImage Source: World landscape architecture

4. Urban Design and Planning:

Urban designers are entirely responsible for designing and planning urban areas such as cities. This area may be related to land use, transportation, infrastructure, and zoning regulations.

Architecture and its disciples of design 333.jpgImage Source: Archistar

5. Environmental Design:

Environmental designers focus on creating sustainable and eco-friendly buildings. They consider factors like solar energy, energy efficiency, water conservation, and they calculate, analyse and use renewable materials in their designs. Learn how to do effective climate study for sustainable designs with our one day site analysis and climate study workshop at Kaarwan.

Architecture and its disciples of design444.jpgImage Source: environment.co

6. Graphic Design:

Graphic designers working in architecture field create visual materials such as signage, wayfinding systems both in indoor and outdoor setup, and promotional materials to help and enhance the overall user experience within a building environment or development. Also check out Career guide to graphic design here.

design disciplines in architecture 777.jpgImage Source: Design Boom

7. Industrial Design:

Industrial designers may collaborate with architects to design functional and aesthetically pleasing fixtures, faucets, furniture, and other equipment’s within buildings.

design disciplines in architecture 888.jpgImage Source: World architecture community

8. Lighting Design:

Lighting designers help create effective and aesthetic lighting schemes for both interiors and exteriors. Also check out 4 Ways in which Lighting Design can transform spaces

design disciplines in architecture 999.jpegImage Source: Architonic

9. Acoustic Design:

Acoustic designers focus on controlling sound within a space to ensure proper acoustics. This is crucial in spaces like theatres, concert halls, and recording studios.

design disciplines in architecture 000.jpgImage Source: Arch Daily

10. Historic Preservation and conservation:

Historic preservation and conservation specialists work to protect and restore historic buildings, monuments and landmarks, there by preserving their cultural and architectural significance. Also check out Why is Architectural Heritage Important and why should it be Conserved?

 design disciplines in architecture 5444.jpg

Image Source: Prosoco

These are just at tip of the ice berg. Architecture has many more design disciplines that often collaborate closely to ensure that the overall building meets the functional, aesthetic, and sustainability goals of a project. Effective communication and collaboration among them is very much essential for easy, efficient and successful architectural design and construction.


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Bhoomika HS

Bhoomika HS

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